Lung Transplant Referrals

We do everything we can to diagnose, treat, and manage pulmonary problems for our patients. But in certain cases, a lung transplant becomes the best option, and in these cases we are prepared to assist you in initiating the transplant process. We have relationships with transplant surgeons and quality healthcare facilities and will work with you to find the best match for your procedure.

Referrals to Middle Georgia Pulmonary

To refer a patient to Middle Georgia Pulmonary, please call the main Middle Georgia Pulmonary office at 478.254.2644. You may also use the referral form below to provide information to us.

Middle Georgia Pulmonary Patient Referral Form


Access to Your Patient’s Records

The Middle Georgia Pulmonary staff will handle all referrals in a timely manner by sending the patient’s records and supporting documents to their referring physician for clear and accurate follow-up.